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Re: Tesla Coils

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> I am in Canada and I was wondering if there is anyone else out there in my
> area that is interested in Coils... (Ontario/Ottawa)
> Also, where are some places to get MMC caps for a cheap price that would be
> located in Canada..
> Right now I have 23 Capacitors but I do not think I will be able to use
> them, Here are the stats on them
> 20 uF
> 660VAC
> I have 3 transformes that all work
> 1.   5kV 30mA
> 2.    9kV 60mA
> 3.   12kV 30mA
> Is there anyway I can hook these caps up to make this coil workable????

Nope, those caps won't work. They are too big, and too low of a voltage. But
keep those capacitors for power factor correction caps.
Jonathon Reinhart