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Re: oil dielectric

Original poster: "Jim Lux by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jimlux-at-earthlink-dot-net>

> >   It's not all that expensive, and yes, handling it is
> > something of an art, but "impractical" is a relative term in
> > TC work.
> Agreed, i lack the ability to handle LN2 so it would be impractical to me.
LN2 prices vary, but $0.50/liter is a typical price area.. (Standard
comparison, LN2 is about like milk, LHe is about like good single malt
Handling LN2 is mostly a matter of some commonsense precautions to avoid
injury... And, of course, you need an insulated container to put it in, but,
interestingly, styrofoam works quite well.

Around here (Los Angeles), you can get a standard GP45 low pressure dewar
filled for about $100  (that's 45 gallons, nominal capacity) plus the
deposit on the dewar, and some demurrage (rent) if you keep the dewar a long
time. Loss in the dewar is around 1%/day.  Low pressure dewars hold the LN2
at a max pressure of around 20 psi, high pressure dewars are up around 200

If you use gaseous nitrogen in any quantity, it's generally cheaper to get
it as liquid than as high pressure (3000psi) bottles...

It is, of course, also available in larger quantities (i.e. truckloads)