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Re: Pulse Transformer

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In a message dated 05/15/2002 6:06:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
tesla-at-pupman-dot-com writes:

> >    I have never heard of a vacuum tube Tesla coil. Are you perhaps
> referring
> > to Wardencliff where the plan was to create an open ended vacuum?
>   Roughly speaking a VTTC uses a vacuum tube to replace the
> spark gap. The tube is put into conduction long enough to
> "ring up" the secondary, then cut off. The envelope is
> approximately flat instead of exponential as in a SG coil
> hence the "CW as opposed to impulse" explanation. That's
> kinda raw; use Google to find more.

Most interesting, I have read about another replacement for the 
spark gap. I will read about vacuum tubes. 

>   As for Wardenclyffe rumors, I've still never seen a clear
> explanation of how the "particle stream" was supposed to get
> out of the alleged vacuum.
>   Mark L. Fergerson

If ok with you, i will send you some information offlist. 
I cannot post information to this list as i understand sometimes
younger readers may be on this list. Besides the information is
only a guess and may be hazardous to attempt.