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Re: oil dielectric

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <Xyme3-at-aol-dot-com>

> Paul: before oil burns you must reach the flash point temprature.

> If your oil is cool enough to handle you are well below this temp.

    Suppose the coil is running.
    Suppose the coil arcs over, in an unexpected way.
    Suppose the arc hits the oil.
    Suppose (since its an insulator) the oil gets a breakdown
    UNDER it.  Now the arc is in the oil.
    This is why oils became unpopular in HV gear:
        When something went wrong, the arc lit the oil.)

I can understand the very real events that can occur with oil.
If the dielectric of oil breaks down as you indicate, the 
results would be catastrophic. When the dielectric of water
breaks down, particles of water are thrown off with such force
they can penetrate metal sheeting.Magnetic repulsion which is used 
to lift trains, cannot compare to electric repulsion.

> > I am sure a thermocouple could be added to cut off the power if
> >the oil  starts to heat.
>     Heating by submerged arc, or arc to spilt oil is way
>     fater than a thermocouple.

Agreed, the arc would be near light speeds.

> >>Yes there is a small risk. Life is a risk. The most dangerous
> >>thing we do is take a bath,
> > Interesting, how is a bath dangerous?
>     Drown.  Slip and fall.
>     (I suspect other things, eg auto accidents are more
>     dangerous than baths.)

I saw a most interesting program about a woman who 
was struck by lighting and completely healed of the viral
disease she had. I  think it was MS, and the doctors 
said she would never walk again. She was running water 
for her bath when her metal leg brace came in contact with the 
iron tub. She was by eye witness accounts, blown across the 
room from the lightning bolt and found several feet from her wheel

> > but we risk this to remain social.  Nothing in the TC world is
> >without risk.
>     Indeed.  But we can trimt he odss, and be aware of what
>     the risks ARE.  (and, i suspect, if Tesla Coils were as
>     widespread as bathtubs....)
>     best
>     dwp

There is no point in putting preformance above 
safty. There are other materials to examine..
Now i will go back to pondering a better dielectic.