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Re: oil dielectric

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Paul: before oil burns you must reach the flash point temprature. If your
oil is cool enough to handle you are well below this temp. Yes there is a
small risk. Life is a risk. The most dangerous thing we do is take a bath,
but we risk this to remain social. Nothing in the TC world is without risk.
   Robert  H

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> Air?
> Free, self healing, good dielectric strength.
> Oil scares me from being flammable, tho many people
> use it.  I Have my doubts water can be kept
> sufficiently pure.
> best
> dwp
> I suspect liquid nitrogen would be best, and also impractical,but water is
> definitly out.
> Thanks for tthe advice.
> Tesla used boiled out oils which might be less flammable. Air is however of
> variable conductivty especially in the presence of ozone. Maybe if it were
> somehow possible to exclude air entirely, the oil could not catch fire.
> Paul