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Re: 1 strand of corona?/Class Demo

Original poster: "davep by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <davep-at-quik-dot-com>

Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>"

> I was running my Tesla coil last night and I noticed that there

> was one strand of magnet wire (about 8") that extremely bright

> corona (yea, I think the spelling is wrong, but, you get the point)

	You're wrong, it's right.  8)>>

> all the other parts of the secondary had none.

	Where on the secondary was it?
	It may be too late to ask: was there previous
	damage to the insulation?

	(insulation may not be able to 'stop' corona,
	it can influence onset.)

> Also, I am taking my Tesla coil to my physics class on the
> 24th, what precautions do I need to use when using it in the

> room.

	There is much on this in the archives.

> It is a "portable" 

	The classroom?  A Trailer?

> so there are no class rooms around it, there is a computer in the
> room though, I was thinking I would need to put a faraday cage

> around it.

	Would it be practical to unplug it and put it elsewhere?
	Also, how big is this coil, that affects the precautions.
	I'd run a dedicated power cord, with shortest possible
	dedicated ground for RF portion of coil.

	(I'm guessing grounding of the electric supply is a bit
	indirect, for the trailer.)

> And with bringing in my tesla coil, I have to do a 3 page paper

> on the concept of the tesla coil and what we could use it for

> (besides sending electricity without wires).

	(I get in trouble here with my views on that.... 8)>>:
	I don't think its much good for anything but light
	shows.  Others likely think differently.  (that's my view,
	debating it is likely OT.))

> Does anyone know of a good site where I could get some detailed
> information about the tesla coil?

	There are many sites, not sure I'd want to pass judgement
	on which are 'good'.

	Should 'we' have a condensed list of demos:
		fluorescent lights
		Same with antennas
		Lighting rod (?)
		remote power (diode small motor)
		ion motor

		Has been used for vacuum system leak checks.
		Has been used for HV source for atom smashing.
	I'd spend some time on Tesla The Man...