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Re: what kinda rotary spark gap

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> >What kind of spark gap should I use, synchonous, or none synchonous, What
> >size of rotor do I need and how do I fasten the electrodes to the rotor?
> >I was thinking of getting some stainless steel or even tungsten rods, do I
> >need to go that fancy or can I get away with all thread brass rod and bolt
> >them to the rotor.  Also how do you mount the insulated rotor to the shaft
> >of the motor?


For an NST powered coil, it's probably better to use a sync rotary,
rather than a non-sync rotoary..   The sync rotary requires modifying
the induction motor to make it sync, if you don't buy a sync motor
to begin with.   Threaded brass, steel, or copper rods will work fine
for the rotary electrodes.  You can see some of my rotary gaps at
my website at:  


I just installed a 6" x 24" smooth toroid onto my TT-42 coil,
and I'm now getting 44"+ sparks from a robust 12/30 NST.