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What Happened?

Original poster: "Matt Woody Meyer by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <meyerml-at-stolaf.edu>

So, between my first light and yesterday night (all of 72 hours), something 
happened to my coil whereas it no longer functions.  In testing last night,
spark gap would fire once or twice, then remain silent.  Today, nothing fires.

I've so far rewired everything, as well as made sure that my NST's nor my 
protection circuit are the problem.  Could anything happen to a pair of 
capacitors where they go from working to not-working while not under
operation in 
just a few days?

Also, when the coil fired last night, I still noticed HUGE arcs down the
of the primary.  I've covered all "hot spots" in vasaline so far, but the arcs 
happen elsewhere everytime I cover it up... should I try a smaller toroid?