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what kinda rotary spark gap

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <biomed-at-miseri.winnipeg.mb.ca>

What kind of spark gap should I use, synchonous, or none synchonous, What
size of rotor do I need and how do I fasten the electrodes to the rotor?
I was thinking of getting some stainless steel or even tungsten rods, do I
need to go that fancy or can I get away with all thread brass rod and bolt
them to the rotor.  Also how do you mount the insulated rotor to the shaft
of the motor?

MY tesla coil is working fairly well now with a 2 gap series spark gap.
Now I want to build a better spark gap.  It has to be low power consumption
so that everything will work off of a single 120 volt, 15 amp service to
keep things simple.  My coil uses a 12Kv 60mA NST running LTR with a 4.25"
by 22" secondary.

Thanks in advance,

Shaun Epp