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Re: oil dielectric

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> ?
>   Sure, but why? Tesla (and others) built "demonstration"
> coils with the primary/secondary assembly immersed in oil
> but AFAIK not the primary alone.
>   Tesla's stated reason was to minimize corona losses,
> flashover (what we today call racing arcs IIUC) on the
> secondary, and pri/sec arcs, and he preferred oil because
> it's "self-healing". Still makes sense in light of today's
> knowledge, but why just the primary?
>   Mark L. Fergerson

I was concerned about strikes to the primary from the torrid. I had not though
of corona's forming around the secondary, i a novice at this.  Also i had
considered insulated wireing with a porus spacer. I think this would overcome
some of the problems with dielectric breakdown in the wireing. Heavy wire or
copper tubeing would be used to construct a large flat coil.