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Re: Faraday cage

Original poster: "rheidlebaugh by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <rheidlebaugh-at-zialink-dot-com>

Terry: Don't put your either net below the floor. Levity.. Just a side
thought as long as you are doilng your projest. simple dimpled foam rubber
can provide sound protection inside. I used egg carton seperators, painted,
with good results to reduce noise in my basement. They look quite
profesional and dont cost a lot of money. There are 2 in each shipping box
of egg flats.
   Robert  H

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> Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 21:58:52 -0600
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> Subject: Re: Faraday cage
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> Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>
> Hi All,
> Many many thanks for all the great thoughts about my Faraday cage project!!
> It really helps a lot!
> I am working on getting a simple Faraday cage going so I can play again
> with my measurement toys.  I was not able to do much for quite some time
> since the playroom was in another use.  Now the room is free but computers
> and Ethernet have spread in the house...  In the mean time,  I have
> collected quite an arsenal of test equipment with vastly greater
> capabilities since 1998 :-))))  Now it is time to get it working!!  I note
> Paul and others are starting to ask new questions about streamer
> measurements and such.
> I don't need to get down to -120dB or anything but just sort of protect the
> rest of the house from my play :-))  It appears a simple wood framed cage
> of chicken wire will do just fine.  I will have to watch the entry and AC
> cabling but the grounding is pretty good in the basement 'now' ;-))
> The question comes up about the "floor" of the cage.  The basement floor is
> 4" cement on dirt covered by "beautiful" carpeting many have commented on
> ;o))  Do I need to screen the floor too?  I am a bit concerned about the
> cage screening affecting the primary since my coils have primaries that are
> very close to the floor.  I can see inducing high currents in chicken wire
> and such but I wonder if any really nasty Eithernet eating EMI is going to
> get out in the direction of the floor?
> Cheers,
> Terry