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HV power supply

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <Tesla729-at-cs-dot-com>

Hey all, 

I'm sort of looking for a decent metered, filtered HV power supply
without spending a  fortune. I am looking for something that 
can put out at least say 20 kVDC at at least 10 mA. I've been 
looking on ebay some for this but it seems hard to find exactly
what i'm looking for for under $300, especially when you start 
figuring shipping. I'm needing something like this to charge my
(2) 100 uFD, 10 kV energy discharge caps for my quarter shrinker
safely within a reasonable time frame ( < 2 minutes for a 10 kJ
charge is what I'm aiming for). I'm no engineer, but I know that you
can charge a cap a lot faster if the supply voltage is considerably 
higher than the voltage that you are trying to charge the cap to,
so long as you quit charging when the cap reaches its rated voltage.
My current charger uses (2) 15/30 NSTs full wave rectified thru (2)
diode sticks from an x-ray tranny to the center tap ground of the 
NSTs. Even when fed by a variac with 140 volts, these output DC 
voltage with the load of charging these caps dosen't get much above
10 kV, so I can charge the caps to say 80% of their rated voltage 
within a couple of minutes but it takes almost forever to fully charge
them to 10 kV :-(

Anyway, a nice little HV power supply like Terry has would be nice :-)
Anybody got an extra HV supply that they would like to sell to a good
home for a reasonable cost? Or can someone point me in the right
direction for obtaining one?

Spark Safely,
David Rieben