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Re: solder

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>Hello All
>Can plumbing solder be used to make electrical connections or is electrical
>grade really necessary. I'm going on ebay to look for  big spools of solder.
>Godfrey Loudner 
electrical grade is best for electrical applications due to the resin 
flux used as the cleaner. Plumbing solder ( if it has a core of flux) is 
normally an acid type of flux. Eventually the acid residue from plumbing 
solder will weaken the joint in electrical applications. What you can do 
is find a hi quality type of plumbing solder without the flux core ( 
especially for copper pipe) and apply the resin from a seperate 
container to the joint being soldered. I remember a type of flux that 
was made specifically for copper pipe joints ( i think it was called 
C-Flux) but im not too sure if it was resin or acid.

another thing to consider is that electrical grade solder melts at a bit 
lower temp than plumbers grade does......

hope this helps

Scot D