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Re: Zero Crossing Strobe & possible kits?

Original poster: "Sean Taylor by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <taylorss-at-rose-hulman.edu>

> I may be mistaken, but, you want a controlled zero voltage crossing
> switching for inductive loads, right?
> Maybe the very-standard-stuff MOC3041 / 2 / 3 could be up to this
> application: it contains a triac drive via ZVC detector and optoisolator.

I was just working with this chip - actually the MOC3083, just differnent
isolation, trigger current . . .

Anyway, I have several left, and I could try hooking them up to an ignition
coil or firing coil for a xenon tube to see how reliably it could trigger
them.  I'll let everyone know the results . . .

Sean Taylor
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