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RE: magnets in HDs

Original poster: "Jim DeLillo by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jimdel-at-bellatlantic-dot-net>

It actually doesn't form "new" poles.
Think of a magnet as a series or train of polarized grains all lined up in
the magnetic direction


no matter where you break it, it will always only contain whole grains
(isn't it  healthy? :-))

------------	--------------------
[NS][NS][NS]	[NS][NS][NS][NS][NS]
------------	--------------------

You can never break a grain, it would be like trying to break a molecule.
and if my molecular physics serves me
The molecules within the all have the same spin, hence imparting the
magnetic property.

In unmagnetized material the grains are randomly distributed and hence
exhibit no magnetic properties.

You can even magnetize a ferric material by striking it.  Take an iron bar,
face north, point one end down at an
angle an strike it sharply a few times with a hammer.  This will organize
some of the grains and impart a slight, but detectable (it'll pick up iron
filings) magnetism.

<< Jim >>

 Scot D
Thats because once a magnet is broken, it forms NEW poles.And they repell
refuse to be joined again.

Matt G