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Re: Directions for tesla coil research

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Swee below,
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> Hi John,
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> > Malcolm, Paul, all,
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> > An interesting test would be to increase the topload C, but
> > keep the ROC the same, or even reduce it, and see what
> > happens.  In all the tests I did, I increased the ROC along with
> > the increased topload C.  In these tests, I found a range of
> > toroid sizes which gave the same spark length.  At the low
> > side of the range, the sparks were thin and active.  At the
> > high edge of the C and ROC range, the sparks were thicker,
> > but seemed somehow "sluggish".
> >
> > Cheers,
> > John
> Agree. I *love* the results when ROC is such that the coil can only
> just break out. You think not much is going to happen and the coil
> suddenly reaches out and connects with something a few feet away.
> Loud and bright with plenty of top C too. Yum  :,)
> Regards,
> malcolm

A friend of mine visited. He had never seen a coil before. I had a small,
one stem , vase on top, in the middle of the toroid , with a long stem rose
in the vase.The sparks shoot off the flowers. Very Cool! My freind walks
right up close to the toriod to point at a spark on the flower.Whoa ! I take
the vase off and sparks fly off the toroid 3' or so. Now he stays far
away.From now on I'm gonna let sparks fly so they back up before I mess
Billy Mck.