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Re: Lightning from the fingers, ect...

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> A while ago, I asked this question and I think people are afraid that if you
> tell someone, they will try it, but I won't. Anyway, I have always wanted to
> know how they do the famous lightning from the fingers trick. Can someone
> explain to me how this works. once again, I am not trying (or planing) to do
> it, I am just a curious person. Also, to hook up all the components of a TC,
> does it matter what gauge of wire you use? I was thinking 10 gauge. And
> another
> question, where can I get an RF filter. I think that is what I need, I need
> something that will stop the high voltages from going back through the wall.
> When I am running my tesla coil (very small at the moment), my parents
> complain
> about the TV becoming very staticy, is this from the RF? If it is from the
> RF,
> is it going through the air to the TV, or through the wires in the house to
> the
> TV. What would i need to stop th! e static problem?
> thanks
> Adam   
> Adam


In my experience, most of the TV interference is coming from conducted
emissions through the power lines - unless the coil is operating close to the
TV.  You can usually find RF filters at the surplus houses such as C and H
Sales, MECI, etc.
A good low impedance earth ground for the secondary will probably help.

Ed Sonderman