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Re: Phenolic Supplier question.

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<< Hello People,
   I'm currently trying to gather information and resources to build an SRSG.
 I have noticed that most rotory disks are made of Phenolic LE or G10.
 The research I have done so far shows that both of those materials
 are pretty pricey. I have found them to run about 105.00 dollars per
 sq. foot.
   Do any of you have a more economical solution or resource?
 I will not risk safety so if I need to pay those prices I will. I'm just
 checking to see if there is an alternative.


I obtained a 1/2" thick X 12" X 24"  ( 2 sq. ft. ) piece of G-10 from  a local
plastic supplier ( I'm in Memphis, TN ) for about $63. They did have to spe-
cial order it, but they were able to get it in a couple of days. I find that 
suppliers are actually cheaper than big companies like McMaster-Carr, ect.
I'm not running down Mc-Carr, they're an definitely invaluable supplier of 
goodies, but on some things you can do better locally and plastics are one
of those things, at least it was for me.

David Rieben