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RE: Phenolic Supplier question.

Original poster: "Basura, Brian by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <brian.basura-at-unistudios-dot-com>


If you heatsink your flying electrodes on a medium sized RSG you can use
Garolite CE at $25.00 sq/ft (McMaster-Carr 8491K34). There is probably no
need for the finer grain the LE (linen ) offers over CE(canvas).

Although the G11 really works GREAT if you need the utmost in power handling

Brian B.

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Subject: Phenolic Supplier question.

Original poster: "Vince D'Amore by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>"

Hello People,

  I'm currently trying to gather information and resources to build an SRSG.
I have noticed that most rotory disks are made of Phenolic LE or G10.
The research I have done so far shows that both of those materials
are pretty pricey. I have found them to run about 105.00 dollars per
sq. foot.
  Do any of you have a more economical solution or resource?
I will not risk safety so if I need to pay those prices I will. I'm just
checking to see if there is an alternative.