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RE: Geek Group Cap mod

Original poster: "Christopher Boden by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <chrisboden-at-hotmail-dot-com>

>it seems I started quite a ruckus with my post eh :)

No worries :) it's entertaining.

>Can anyone shed any light on my original questions?
>What is the 14 bottle version cap value and do I have the wiring correct
>or no?
>Here is the pic again

AHH!!! You used a bigger bucket :)
You're wiring is technically correct and will work. In our design we 
reccomend that you have at LEAST 2 Jumpers into each bottle, but it's not a 
hard and fast rule. Just better load balancing. But other than adding a few 
more jumpers, you're set. Remember to connect the jumpers to your top 

>BTW Chris (and other "geeks")
>For the record I never bashed the cap or your expertise. I didnít want
>to end up guilty by association. I just want to build one correctly,
>know what I have when I'm done, and maybe make it a little

Just remember that I reserve the right to blatently plagerize your 
modifications for future revisions of the design ;)

You're doing a great job with the cap, it's nice to see someone tinkering 
with it. The Geek Group is here expressly for the purpose of sharing 
knowledge and helping others to experiment and learn about science and 
technology. Don't think for a second that we'll get upset if you use one of 
our designs and change it, that's why it's posted for everyone to see :) And 
it's only the beginning. For months we've been building a new website, a 
HUGE website, and we're about to be posting a LOT more info on a ton of 
projects that most of the people here have never even heard of. :)

This summer we will move into our first real dedicated lab facility. A 
60,000 SqFt complex that will be the first place ever, where anyone can come 
and take a class in Tesla Coiling (plus many other things). The Group is 
planning on SIGNIFIGANTLY expanding it's operations, and we will be doing a 
lot more than just selling Caps. We will be teaching classes in HV design, 
Safety, and many other areas of Coiling, and they are ALL open to the 
public, not just members. :)


Have fun!

Christopher "Duck" Boden Geek#1
President / C.E.O. / Alpha Geek
The Geek Group
Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!