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Secondary movies and sounds

Original poster: "Paul Nicholson by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <paul-at-abelian.demon.co.uk>

Some waveforms, secondary animations, and sounds, prepared with the
tssp Tesla coil model, are presented in


See and hear the effect of various tunings and couplings.

The animations are GIF files, so are a lot smaller than the movies
we made about a year ago.   The sound files are secondary base
currents slowed down by a factor of 1000 - enough to reduce the RF
down to audio frequencies so that you can hear the 'tone' of the coil.

Some of the things being studied by the project are the voltage
stresses on the secondary coil and the causes of racing arcs.
I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has a properly tuned TC
which can reliably produce racing arcs.
Paul Nicholson