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Re: NST GFI: Why?

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>  I found that everyone had
>  stopped using 60 ma NST's  years ago, specifically because of the long 
> history
>  of sign fires cause by the higher-current transformers.)
>  Scott Hanson

That's not the story I get.
Yes, the wonderful age of the GFI/NST has resulted in a sales spurt due to 
the failure rate of the GFI.
The larger size NST like 60 and even 120 mA will be scarce in Las Vegas as 
they are in all warmer climates. The
colder climates like the wilderness of northern Indiana are more likely to 
use a 60 mA
transformer when a higher striking current is needed. No fires.  :-))
When I do see a 60 mA transformer, I grab it up right away. That's the alibi 
glomming onto the two 12/60s with GFI. 

Happy day,
Ralph Zekelman