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Re: Keeping up with the theory (was is Corum and Corumforbidden topic?)

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> Anyway, I'd like to know more about the TCBA.  If it really was
> a 'noble endeavour' as Ed put it, then I shouldn't be bashing it
> because of a few failings.  Perhaps instead we should be looking for
> some continuity.


As a high school science teacher, Harry Goldman had been
interested in Tesla coils and other HV apparatus for many years.
I think the idea of a TC Newletter had been in his mind for many
years before he created the TCBA.  He intended the TCBA to
be a forum where coilers could meet each other, share ideas,
see examples of other's coils, serve as a tutorial, etc.  In the
first 6 issues or so, Harry provided the basics of coil theory, 
and other articles by DC Cox, etc appeared.  I think that not 
enough folks sent in good theory/experiment articles to keep 
things moving in that direction.  I suspect that very few folks
in the organization were doing any TC research.  Before the
advent of the internet, TCBA was the only TC forum that I know
of, so it was indispensable to many of the members.  It was
through the TCBA that I met many coiler friends, and heard
about the TCBOR, and other TC groups, etc. 

When I first heard about the TCBA around 1984, I was was 
overjoyed.  I was amazed that a newletter just for coiling existed.
I and a great many other coilers owe a great debt of gratitude
to Harry's TCBA efforts.