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off topic but... krypton laser question ... need help

Original poster: "BunnyKiller by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <bigfoo39-at-telocity-dot-com>


my memory fails me at this point and time, but... i do remember one of 
the Tesla List members has a krypton I -90 ( Coherent) laser up and 
running in one of the Tesla- Thons ( i think in texas) about a year ago....

the picture is as follows...  they have the laser running in a shed at 
nite and it is pointing outwards away from the shed... the photograph 
looks like it was taken about 100 feet or so down range from the laser....

my question/delima... is who was this person with the laser and does 
anyone know what website it is on and where can I find this info/picture 
on so I can ask the owner how the hi volt trigger was wired up??

and to make this a legit T Coil post ....

I finaly got a good picture of the BIGPIG coil throwing 10+ foot 
streamers    see it at


look under the last button on the Scots Shop Page   ( Artsy pics )

Scot D

aka BunnyKiller