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More Digital Spark Photography

Original poster: "Gregory Hunter by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <ghunter31014-at-yahoo-dot-com>

I'm a middle-aged teenager with a new toy. I have a
dandy new camera, and something really cool to take
pictures of. How much better can it get?

I thought this photo


was a waste of electrons. I forgot to zoom in, and the
picture was mostly garage junk. However, I noticed the
corona coming off the ground lead from my nearby 6"
coil. The ground line is just lying on the concrete
floor, and a fat purple spark is jumping into the
concrete from the bare wire end. Interesting. I wonder
how big the discharge would be if the coils were both
tuned to the same frequency?

BTW, this is the new & improved junk box coil running
at 1070VA from the "tamed" MOT supply. Cap is 47nF
MMC, gap is "inside-out" sucker. Kodak DX3900 was set
for 400 ISO, 2 sec shutter, 0.8MP, no flash,
flashlight pointed at ceiling for illumination.