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Re: Richard's mama can whip yo mama

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> . I have never seen a two coil system
> (except some very small systems) work as well as his magnifiers. I don't
> care if theory and maths tells us that magnifiers can't work as well as
> normal coils. I don't care if a low BPS sync gap with a big cap is more
> efficient than an async gap. I still have never seen his performance
> matched, and I will continue to build my coils to his specifications
> until I see a design which not only is theorectically better, but has
> the sparks to match.
> Greg Peters


I think Richard did excellent work with the magnifiers, but
I think a great many two coil coils have been built by others which
match the performance of Richard's magnifiers.  The theory 
doesn't say that magnifiers can't work as well as normal coils, 
who claimed that?  Are you 100% sure that Richard tested
sync gaps on his systems?