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Re: Re: Enough pork in this pig???

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <network-at-neXband-dot-com>

Hello all,

    I looked and yes, there is a tap switch on this pig.  Also I noticed 
that is said "single phase" on the plate.  I don't know if that means 
anything that's relevant.  I just figured it was single phase when it was 
in a stand-alone config and 3 phase in the Y config.  I really don't know 
much about these xfrmrs, so my theory may be way off.  I'll try to make 
this easier on all of us and take a pic of the plate and post the website 
to all.  I would have done this earlier, but I didn't have access to a 
digital camera.  I should have that pic posted by tonight.
    Again, thanks to all who have helped with this mystery pig and 
inputted their thoughts and theories:)

You wrote:  

>Original poster: "Barton B. Anderson by way of Terry Fritz " 
>Hi Steve,
>Only Gregg can say if there is a tap switch, but even then, typically the
>change in voltage is
>small and I suspect even smaller on a 7200v pig as compared to the normal
>higher votlage pigs..
>Tesla list wrote:
>> Original poster: "Steve Mach by way of Terry Fritz "
>> Bart,Godfrey, This may seem elementary,but has anyone taken a CLOSE
>> look at the data plate on x-fmr in question.Most of these have primarys 
>> can be tapped for different voltages depending on how they're hooked 
up. ie
>> (7200v Y / 12.4Kv Delta).
>> Joules Rules   SM