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Re: NST -- output terminals

Original poster: "Shaun Epp by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <scepp-at-mts-dot-net>

Having just taken the core out of a Jefferson MagneTeK 15/60   I'll add to
the last post.

The output insulators seem to be a 1/4 turn thread in and the tar and a
rubber like bushing holds it from turning loose.   I will take an even
closer look thursday evening to verify all this.   Also after the heavily
insulated wire( ~~ about 2 1/4 ")  that comes right out of the insulator  it
is soldered/connected to the thin magnetic wire and there is also a thin
metal ancor ( ~ 1/2 " square that is split punched ??) and the wire is
connected to that, then to the secondary windings of the NST.

BTW...  the BBQ set on low to med. heat melts it good.

I hope this Helps

Shaun Epp

and ~^~v~^~v~^~v~^~v~ MAY THE ARCS BE WITH YOU ~^~v~^~v~^~v~~
>There's just a short length of wire, similar to the wire used to hook the
>tranny to a neon sign, only not as heavily insulated. Same with Transco's
>probably most NST's. Personally I just take the lid off and chip the tar
>away. Hitting the winding is the only problem and seems to have cost me the
>succesful unpotting of my 15/60 jefferson. Came very close to succeeding
>In a message dated 5/30/01 6:45:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>> I was wondering if anyone (preferably with a Jefferson/Magnatek but
>> probably all similar) could comment on just how the connection is made
>> the secondary winding to the H.V. terminal inside.
>> If anyone has a link to a photo or two that would be great (seems like I
>> remember someone having a site with a photographic journey through the
>> repotting process).