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Tesla calculator frustration.

Original poster: "Bill Vanyo by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <vanyo-at-echoes-dot-net>

This really should be quite simple, but no...

I just want to calculate where I *should* tap my primary, given the
Cap: 0.06uF
Primary: Inner diameter = 9.75", 1/2" spacing (center to center), 1/4"
Secondary: 1000 turns, 27.625" winding length, 6.625" diameter.
Topload: 8" chord, 23.5" center to center (capacitance = 34.845?)

Previously (with a smaller topload), I managed (or so I thought) to do
the calculation using JHCTES version 3.2, at

but now I can't see how I ever did it.  The weird thing here is that
what I would logically like to specify as input parameters, like primary
interturn spacing, are output parameters.  I have to try to adjust the
input parameters to get output parameters that match my existing

I've also tried E-Tesla 5 and 6 - got significantly different results,
and don't quite see how to calculate my tap point anyway.

Are the specs I've listed sufficient for calculating the tap point?

Another question, about toroid topload shape:  I made mine from 8" dryer
duct and two 16" pizza pans, but the pizza pans are about 4" apart. 
Should that be a problem?  Any idea how much that affects the toploads

	Thanks again,
	Bill V.