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NST -- output terminals

Original poster: "Ed by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <edtrind-at-hotmail-dot-com>

With the subject of the quality of NSTs going on, I might as well ask this.

First of all, I have been using Jefferson/magnatek 12/60s, and have abused
them quite a bit due to ignorance (in the past?) and so far .... still
kicking........ .. cracked tar and all.
BUT ... it certainly stands to reason that some fail, .. and (obviously) the
success of someone's NST does not invalidate the failure of someone
else's... . . although that would be a nice law sometimes... as long as the
opposite doesn't hold true.
I think Terry's post says it all.
(btw, those Actowns do look snappy....   I came across one, and haven't used
it because it just looked too good, exhibition quality and all).

Surviving as my Jeffersons are, they both have one loose H.V. terminal and
every time I work with it, I wonder if it will be the last.  One of them has
just the threaded rod loose..... which spins when I forget to grab it with
pliers when tightening the connection, and the other one has the whole
ceramic terminal loose and similarly spinning.

I was wondering if anyone (preferably with a Jefferson/Magnatek but they're
probably all similar) could comment on just how the connection is made from
the secondary winding to the H.V. terminal inside.
If anyone has a link to a photo or two that would be great (seems like I
remember someone having a site with a photographic journey through the
repotting process).

I'm just wondering if I am twisting a wire on the inside when this happens,
or is it a bushing, or what...  i.e., trying to gage the likelihood of a
failure (I know, .... I should secure them either way)..