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Re: Dental X-ray transformer

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Hello Ed & All,

I have been looking for an x-ray tube for quite a while as well.  After
looking in antique shops, I found an Aloka KO-303D tube which I believe
might make a good short duration x-ray tube.  It is shaped like a large
cartridge fuse.  3 volt heavy filaments.  The shop keeper himself an old
tube man thought that it had come out of high voltage rectifier service.
The beauty of this tube though is that the anode is a flat exposed plate
v.s. a shielded cone as in using a 1B3 rectifier tube.  Total length of the
tube is 6.26".

I have not been able to find any hard specifications pertaining to this tube
but am still searching.

Please let me know what you find as I'd be interested in sharing tidbits of
info with you.


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> > Hello Mark
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> > For experimenting with x-rays, a complete unit consisting of a tubehead
> > control panel would be a steal for $150. But I suspect that its the
> I'm looking for a small X-ray tube, if anyone has any ideas.  Haven't
> found any for less than several hundred bucks, and for purposes that's
> too much.
> Ed