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Florida Mini-Teslathon

Original poster: "D&M's High Voltage by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <DMsHV.DavMcKin-at-gte-dot-net>


Three weeks to go until the FL mini-teslathon!

Just wanted to remind everyone that the Florida mini-teslathon will
be held Saturday, JUNE 16th.  To those who attended last year's
event, everything will be the same.  Power available will be
240v, 80A via a busbar type of connection (studs) so that any worries
about connectors will be eliminated.  We also have a 20 KVA power
controller and 14.4 Kv pole transformer if you have a coil and
don't want to bring a pole transformer.  For those bringing larger coils,
please bring power cables at least 20 feet long so that we may have
adequate spacing between the coils.  For those bringing smaller coils
that run on 120volts, please bring along 3 conductor heavy duty
extension cords at least 25 feet long to plug in your coils.  For those
planning on bringing coils please plan on being there around 12 - 2 pm
in the afternoon.

Thus far, we tentatively have 3 pole pig powered coils planning on
being at the event.  We will also have tables so that you may sell your
tesla coil goods.

Those who are planning on attending, please e-mail me with
the number of people attending, your coil size, spark length, and power
requirements.  There will be several ground rods available for
grounding your coils.  I will e-mail directions, and recommended hotels
in the area to those who respond directly (please respond off-list).

If you are planning on attending, even if you're not bringing a coil,
please let me know!!!

We look forward to seeing everyone again and to a happy and safe
event.  Thank you.

David L. McKinnon
D&M's High Voltage
P.O. Box 24002
Tampa, FL  33623
(813) 784-8165

E-mail:  DMsHV.DavMcKin-at-gte-dot-net
Webpage:  http://home-dot-netcom-dot-com/~davmckin/DMsIndex.htm