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13M (wasTesla's World Electrical System)

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <wysock-at-ttr-dot-com>

To Terry, All:

I very much appreciate all the dialog and comments on the current
tread.  As of today, I have a major announcement to make.  But 
before I do, a little background history is in order, to make sense
of what I have to announce.

The Model 13M was originally conceived and built, from April to
June, 1994.  I had limited financial resources, and so solicited a 
business partner, to help fund the project.  I succeeded in doing
this.  13M was to be exhibited as a major event at the 6th
bi-annual International Tesla Society symposium (ITS).  The
equipment was set up in an open arena (Penrose Stadium).  The
very day that the event was to take place, a hugh thunder storm
flooded the arena, and damaged the equipment.  That show
never took place.  13M had one (financially) successful showing
in 1998, at Anaheim, California, but that was a "closed" event
for a commercial client, and was not open to the general public.

Last year, I had proposed to my (50% ownership) business partners,
to hold a public exhibition of 13M over a two night period.  Some on
this list may recall my postings on this topic.  Unfortunately, my
business partners were not receptive to this idea, and the event I
had planned, never happened.  Further, my partners stated that they
"wanted out" of our 50/50 business relationship. They only gave
me only two options; buy out their financial interest, or agree to
let them scrap the project.  

After numerous failed efforts to raise the necessary capital, I finally
succeeded in reaching a mutually agreeable dollar figure with them.
This occurred in the last two days of the year 2000.  All the equipment
had been in storage at the (now former) business partner's warehouse.
It takes a 48 foot long flat bed semi, a 20 foot long stake bed truck
with a 2-ton hydraulic lift gate, and a fork lift, along with 3 commercial
truck drivers, to move 13M!  After many delays due to rain, and the
truck drivers not being available, it has finally happened!

So, my announcement is this.  I know own 100% of the Model 13M
project.  All the equipment that comprises this system is now in
my (physical) possession!   What this means for the future, is that
now I will have the freedom to deploy 13M for whatever purpose;
be it an exhibition, an experiment (as Ed has suggested below), or
whatever comes along.

Best regards,
Bill Wysock.

> 	I agree that a single successful demonstration (and ONLY one) will
> determine the truth.  Seems to me Bill is in a far better position than
> most to provide that demo.
> Ed

Ed's comment above, is what motivated me to make this announcement.
Bill Wysock.
Tesla Technology Research