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Pics of power control cabinet

Original poster: "D.Wightman by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <dwightman-at-mmcable-dot-com>

The power control cabinet is finished! The motor drive works real good for the
stack of 4, 1256-D powerstats.
We used 2 of the superior electric paralleling chokes to balance the 2 pairs,
then manufactured a third heavy amperage balancing transformer to balance the 2
pairs. The core that was used was the same one that several of the list members
acquired from me.
I must say that it works very well.. We constructed it exactly as the factory
paralleling chokes were designed, that is, 11 windings for each leg on the
device. All we changed was the wire size, in this case it is #2, and the core
size is larger.
You are welcome to view it at.    
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