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Coil specs, Was Cap/SG config

Original poster: "Matt Shayka by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <flyboxboy-at-hotmail-dot-com>

Hi all,

Here are my coil's specs

Coil diameter:  3 3/4 in(3.75 in)
Wire size:  26awg
Length of form wound: 10 3/8in
Close wound, ~577turns
Topload: metal sphere, 1 1/4in diameter
Empty "radius": 1/2 inch
The primary is an inverse conical type, 45 degree angle, secondary is 1 inch 
below bottom primary turn(Oops!)
The primary is wound with 8 awg wire, 7 turns, 5 in inside diameter, 1/4 in 
spacing, 7 3/4 in outside diameter
10 SW caps at 15 fluid Oz each(remember, they are jars, not bottles)
Tranny: 10kV /23mA Obit
SG: air cooled series static gap, 4 gaps at who knows what spacing

The problem with my coil is that no matter how hard I tune it, no matter how 
many caps I add, the spark length never exceeds 6". Dunckx has helped me 
greatly but none of it seems to work with my coil. He says that I should be 
able to get 12" sparks at least from it. I do like how it blasts CD's apart 
though. It seems to be the only thing it is good at besides refusing to work 
for me.
It works best with the 1 1/4 in diameter sphere on top of it. I have tried 
foil toroids and even two metal bowls put together to make a sphere. It did 
nothing but lose spark length. Oh, BTW, it does have 1/2inch streamers! 
Pretty long, eh? ;-)    HELP!!!

Matt Shayka
Geek#1127 G-1

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