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Re: Conformity magazine update

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Hi Scott D. et. al. 
        I agree that Tesla Coils are definitely spectator sport. Any 
reporter, journalist, author, etc., who states it's not dangerous is invited 
over to my house for a hands-on demonstration (THEIR HANDS). Trouble is, most 
of these people have never had to risk their own lives on what they write 

Matt D. 

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> Tesla list wrote: 
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> > 
> > Hi All, 
> > 
> > Bob scanned the recent letters from Conformity Magazine and I posted them 
> at: 
> > 
> > http://hot-streamer-dot-com/temp/conform1.jpg 
> > http://hot-streamer-dot-com/temp/conform2.jpg 
> > 
> > These involve Garry's comments about touching streamers and such in 
> > response to an article that suggested that this was not real dangerous. 
> > 
> > 99.999% of the time, touching streamers is not fatal.  However, that other 
> > 0.001% is a real "killer"! 
> > 
> > The "skin effect" idea about tesla coil currents going safely over the 
> > surface of the skin is a myth.  Those currents tend to go through nerves 
> > and blood vessels but the nerves simply do not report the damage.  Ill 
> > effects have been noted from that, but the big danger is the primary 
> arcing 
> > though and delivering lethal jolts.  Thus, "playing" with arcs is highly 
> > discouraged!!  Machines that generate hundreds of thousands of volts and 
> > thousands of amps are nothing to be going up and touching!! 
> > 
> I dont know how much current is in a streamer nor do I know exactly what 
> voltage 
> it is.  But what I do know is that if the streamers reach out towards tree 
> branches, they die...  when I run my coil at night and after it is time to 
> turn 
> it off and shut it down, there are lots of  dead bugs on and around the coil 
> soooooooo   obvioulsy there is enuf power / potency to the streamers to 
> cause 
> problems 
> I will never intentionally touch a streamer on any coil Coiling is a 
> spectator 
> sport  not a contact sport :) 
> Scot D