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Re: Pigs available in Cleveland

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> Hi Everyone! 
> I have a line on a pair of single horn pigs (15KVA and 25KVA) in the 
> Cleveland area. The guy wants $75 each, but he won't ship. (He said that if 
> you have a shipping company pick it up he'll load it) 
> If anyone's interested, please contact me off list. 
> Paul 
> tmb-at-ieee-dot-org 

Hi Paul! 
Have you seen these? Do you have Pix? Do they have continuity? What is the 
Weight? Will my Ford Ranger pickup get a hernia from both? From one? Will I? 
Etc.Etc. Being only 255 mi due south of Cleveland, I'm interested, but don't 
want to buy "A Pig in a Poke", especially not a pig(s) this big. 

Matt D.