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RE: spark gap muffler?

Original poster: "G by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <bog-at-cinci.rr-dot-com>

>"Bombproof" is a rock clibming term for an anchor that can withstand a
>continuous 3000Lbs load. I'm a 150 lbs wimp so that kind of safety factor is
>a good, reliable thing that I never have to worry about. That's what I want
>in a rotor shield. In the event of a electrode collision, rotor failure, or
>other catastophic failure I want to know that no matter how big the noise,
>nothing is coming out of that box.
>Just imagine what happens if we loose an electrode and take out someones 12
>year old. 1/4" diamondplate is NOT unreasonable for the blast shield. I want
>something that would reasonably stop a 30/30 shell.

Armoring for a 30-30 is overkill. Soft point or FMJ? :) But, hey, if 
you have some 3/8" steel plate around...

best luck,

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