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Re: Capacitor Dielectric

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I thought of that, didn't try it. Other than gettingthe plates lined up right 
it shouldn't be too hard. Should also heal itself indefinatly, when the oil 
punctures it just flows back in. 


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tesla-at-pupman-dot-com writes: 

> I am just getting started on my first tesla coil.  I have located a 15 KV / 
> 30 
> mA NST and have begun work on building my capacitor.  (couldn't find enough 
> cheap caps for a MMC)  I am using 19 Al plates 6" x 8" separated by a 
> distance 
> of 1/2" submersed in oil.  According to my calculation using a K of 2.2 for 
> mineral oil that will give me a .0055 uF capacitor.  This seems like a very 
> simple and easy to construct design, have others tried it?  By mineral oil 
> are 
> the charts referring to motor oil?  Can I use motor oil?  I even considered 
> adding a quart of Slick 50 for the added PTFE.  Any thoughts?