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Re: VTTC - audio modulation

Original poster: "Herwig Roscher by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <herwig.roscher-at-gmx.de>

David Trimmell wrote to the list:

> How distorted? I like to compare my best results to a old AM radio

David, all,

The music, I have modulated onto the rf,  was much more distorted 
despite I varied the amplitude of the base notes using an equalizer.
Maybe the oscillator didn't work in class A-mode really. I need to 

> I never had your problem of worrying about a corona shield.
- Unfortunately it's essentially to my system.

> three or four point crown may be interesting. .........................
- Or a saw blade, bent to a circle. I'll do some experiments.
> by increasing the component count, one will exponentially affect 
the level of complexity.
- This is certainly correct and of course I'm always looking for a 
simple solution first.

> Possibly a interesting idea would be to take Ulrich Haumann's 
(sp?) design to a more powerful tube
- Do you happen to know the URL?

> Sounds like you are having loads of fun.
- For me "solving problems" means "fun". 

Safe coiling to you.