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Original poster: "brian by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <ka1bbg1-at-mcttelecom-dot-com>

Hi coilers, well the #3 tesla coil is up and running and performs well.
here are the spec's:
9kv -at-60 ma neon xmfr, using boost xmfr for 155 v.a.c. input to neon.
primary id is 5 inch od is 15 inch 19 turns of 1/16 by 1/8 inch copper
strike ring od is 17 inch and has 1 1/2 gap is 1/2 inch above primary
secondary is 3 1/2 od cpvc white with 18 inches wound #28 for 1260 turns
pipe is open top and bottom
3 mmc's of 12 string .056uf 1600v panasonic from terry 4,630 pf total 13,890pf
toroid is 8 inch frypan over 6 inch frypan(epoxied rim to rim) with 1 1/2 inch 
spacer(the brass ashtray) between toroids.
sparks, sometimes as many as 3 streamers at once. very noisey and will jump 30
inches to ground post randomly. i am able to haul up 28 inch sparks to a ground
wire. I ran it for 1/2 hour strait last night. I AM Pleased! 
Only possible with all the informations and discussions on this LIST! THANKS
Brian <mailto:ka1bbg1-at-mcttelecom-dot-com>ka1bbg1-at-mcttelecom-dot-com