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Re: PFC caps - recommended type?

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> vanyo-at-echoes-dot-net> 
> I want to add PFC caps to my three 15/60 NST's.  Are there any type of 
> caps that should be avoided, or any type that typically work well?   
> Can anyone tell me if these might work? 
> http://users.cnmnetwork-dot-com/~doemalibu/capmallory.jpg 
> They're Mallory caps, marked 100 MFD 250 VDC  (am I correct in assuming 
> MFD means uF, i.e. microfarads?) 
>    Thanks, 
>    Bill Vanyo 

Hi Bill! 
        Yes MFD means uF. It's from the old days when radio/electrical techs 
didn't read Latin or Greek. I can't tell for sure from the label and there's 
nothing in the pic for size comparison, but those look like electrolytic 
cans. If so, they are for DC filter circuits and will burst under AC 
operation. If they are marked to indicate polarity, don't use them.You want 
motor run caps, not motor start caps, ballpark, about 250-300 uF worth. 
Matt D.