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Re: getting started

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> Hi Dave 
> First study an algebra and trigonometry based book on the principles of 
> electricity and magnetism. This level of knowledge will allow you to 
> understand and judge advice. Then search the web where you will find a huge 
> amount of information. Matt Behrend's site 
> www.home.earthlink-dot-net/~electronxlc is excellent for the beginner. There are 
> more advanced sites that will refine your knowledge. Most sites provide 
> links to other sites. Always read the safety sections. High voltage is 
> dangerous, and your first mistake could be your last. Know what is 
> dangerous, and develop a safety procedure that is best for YOU. Build your 
> first tesla coil around a neon sign transformer, and experiment extensively. 
> Then you can move on to more powerful coils if power becomes your thing. My 
> last bit of advice is to ignore ALL advice based upon the useless quarter- 
> wave length theory. 
> Godfrey Loudner 

Hi Godfrey, All, 
I Believe that I have found the origin of the so-called "quarter-wavelength 
myth." It was Nicola Tesla himself. cf Pat. No. 645,576 20 March 1900, lines 
287 through 314. I guess nobody's infallible, but I'd be reluctant to ignore 
all his advice. :) 

Matt D.