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Re: Spark Gap Type help

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> Tried 5 section Cu Pipe Static gap blown to keep cool. This used with up to
>  4 MOTS. Best results with this config BUT mains I/P is high and tends to
>  surge at times and blow breakers.
>  SRSG 100bps. Smooth Mains current over large I/P from variac. Lots of
>  acoustic O/P from gap and fierce SRSG operation. Used up to 6MOT's. 
>  O/P consistient BUT less than Static. (Phase control and settings optimised
>  BTW).


You may benefit greatly by using a non-sync rotary with that system,
and adjust the break-rate for best spark output.  The clue is that the
static gap gives better performance than the 100 bps SRSG.  This
means the cap is a little small for 100 bps.  By using a non sync
rotary, you can use 180 - 350 bps perhaps, and let the spark grow
via bps.   As an alternative, you can try using 200 bps sync.  
I assume you optimised your ballast setting which is very important
at 100 bps.

John Freau