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RE: Odd/errratic TC behavior. Why?

Original poster: "Garry Freemyer by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <garry-at-ndfc-dot-com>

Perhaps the gap is power-arcing, or not firing at the right time on the
peaks or inverse peaks of the cycle eather too early or too late, and maybe
on the 120, it's power arcing rather than being quenched at the right time.

The spark gap effects the primary, and secondary, but it goes both ways too.
Perhaps the spark gap is not firing at peak voltage thus your spark from the
120 is shortened.

Think of a TC system where the spark gap breaks at the right moment on each
peak and valley for a BPS of 120.

Then there are the systems that might break at only the peaks and not the
valleys for a BPS of 60 cps.

Then there are systems that fire too early or too late, or don't quench for
a few cycles and the energy just bleeds away reducing spark length.

There might be systems that the spark break rate is too high, not allowing
buildup of voltage or current.

Best of luck getting it working. I hate blowing caps.

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Subject: Odd/errratic TC behavior. Why?

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 It was firing fine over a
range of SG adjustments, just no secondary output. When I tune the primary
really low, I get some yellow sparks off the top of the tank cap.

So I pulled out my 12kv/120ma that I have for my new system I am building. I
was a little concerned, as my coil is small, and I thought I'd have to run
at low power, as the .025 is close to a res cap for this tranny. Anyway, to
make a long story short, same deal. I tried gaps from .25 to .05. Nada. What
gives? It fires the gap great.