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Re: Brass that isn't brass

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> I discovered that the "brass" knobs that I used in my spark gap are brass 
> coated zinc(?).  Under the yellow colored brass skin is a silvery 
> non-magnetic metal. 
> I just got some 1/4 inch "brass" acorn nuts.  Imagine my surprise when I 
> discovered that these "brass" nuts are magnetic. 
> I thought that acorn nuts would be solid brass, but no.  Same for the knobs, 
> but I guess "brass" means the finish and nothing else. 
> I hate not trusting these stores (the store may be a victim) but I think 
> I'll subject "brass" to the magnet test and the file test before I buy more 
> than one of any item. 
> Caveat emptor. 
> Cheers, 
> Pete 

Hi Pete! 
        I had the same problem with non-brass. I finally went to a lamp and 
lighting store and bought "brass ball finials". These are the things that 
screw onto the top of a lamp to hold the shade on. Places like Lowe's or 
Builder's Square, Home Depot, etc., will not have solid brass ones. Lamp 
parts tend to come in odd thread sizes like 10-27, 1/4-17, or NF 1/8 pipe 
etc. On some I had to drill them out to the next larger size and then re-tap 
them. If you can find them at a flea market or yard sale, do so because the 
1" solid brass ball ones cost me $9.00 each (new). You can always resell the 
lamp itself with a brass-colored finial the next time. 

Matt D.