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Brass that isn't brass

Original poster: "Pete Komen by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <pkomen-at-zianet-dot-com>

I discovered that the "brass" knobs that I used in my spark gap are brass
coated zinc(?).  Under the yellow colored brass skin is a silvery
non-magnetic metal.

I just got some 1/4 inch "brass" acorn nuts.  Imagine my surprise when I
discovered that these "brass" nuts are magnetic.

I thought that acorn nuts would be solid brass, but no.  Same for the knobs,
but I guess "brass" means the finish and nothing else.

I hate not trusting these stores (the store may be a victim) but I think
I'll subject "brass" to the magnet test and the file test before I buy more
than one of any item.

Caveat emptor.