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Re: C of Earth...

Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>

At 09:47 PM 5/7/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>> We do want to stay near Tesla's proposed system.  As my quote earlier
>> mentioned, Tesla was not keen on nuclear power ever working :-))  However,
>> the 80km high tethered balloons thing is going to need terribly serious
>> help.  If such a nuclear thing could shoot the power up there without the
>> tethers and such, that may be a vital thing...  I am not familiar with
>> these "Teak" shots but sounds super cool (got any URLs)!  Since the low
>> altitude resistance of the atmosphere will just create energy wasting
>> streamers ( ;-)) Getting up into the "conductive" ionosphere is super
>> important!!  I think "fusion" things are sort of difficult to maintain
>> 24-7-365?? (moving to the Sun is not an option :-)))
>http://www.fas-dot-org/nuke/hew/  Top level
>http://www.fas-dot-org/nuke/hew/Nwfaq/Nfaq5.html#nfaq5.5  EMP
>http://www.fas-dot-org/nuke/hew/Usa/Tests/Hardtack1.html    (search for Teak)
>http://www.fas-dot-org/nuke/hew/Usa/Tests/Dominic.html (search down to find
>Starfish Prime and Kingfish)
>Now don't be getting any ideas....  This stuff is tricky to be working on at
>home and will attract far more attention from the gendarmes than the usual
>sparks and streamers.

Oh yeah!!  This is a little too screwed up for our purposes :-)))  Nuclear
explosions in space (footage recently released) is super cool but I think
"I" will avoid the "islands" for the nest few million years :-)))  Far from
an option for our little power project :-))  Cool sites though! :-))