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Re: C of Earth...

Original poster: "Jim Lux by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <jimlux-at-earthlink-dot-net>

> We do want to stay near Tesla's proposed system.  As my quote earlier
> mentioned, Tesla was not keen on nuclear power ever working :-))  However,
> the 80km high tethered balloons thing is going to need terribly serious
> help.  If such a nuclear thing could shoot the power up there without the
> tethers and such, that may be a vital thing...  I am not familiar with
> these "Teak" shots but sounds super cool (got any URLs)!  Since the low
> altitude resistance of the atmosphere will just create energy wasting
> streamers ( ;-)) Getting up into the "conductive" ionosphere is super
> important!!  I think "fusion" things are sort of difficult to maintain
> 24-7-365?? (moving to the Sun is not an option :-)))

http://www.fas-dot-org/nuke/hew/  Top level
http://www.fas-dot-org/nuke/hew/Nwfaq/Nfaq5.html#nfaq5.5  EMP
http://www.fas-dot-org/nuke/hew/Usa/Tests/Hardtack1.html    (search for Teak)
http://www.fas-dot-org/nuke/hew/Usa/Tests/Dominic.html (search down to find
Starfish Prime and Kingfish)

Now don't be getting any ideas....  This stuff is tricky to be working on at
home and will attract far more attention from the gendarmes than the usual
sparks and streamers.

> I have not thought much about the ionosphere going and "loosing" our
> like over the poles much.  That is not wanted...  Looks like the pure
> resistance of the ionosphere link is bad enough.
> This afternoon I was feeling sort of good about this possibly working.
> Now, I am more concerned...
> Cheers,
> Terry