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RE: Balancing Rotery Disk???

Original poster: "Oxandale, Terry by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <Toxandale-at-SPP-dot-org>

I know that trial and error balancing is a PITA, but I still found it
the only "dynamic" way to balance my disc (13") without leaving my
garage. I drilled (1/4") a ring of evenly spaced holes (16 total but the
more the better) around the disc on a concentric circle inside of the
circle of contacts. Then using two steel bolts and nuts, I attached
these bolts to the disc in any two of these holes exactly 180 degrees
apart. This way they still did not effect the original balancing of the
disc because they were on opposite sides. Then as I moved the bolts
closer together (with each on/off cycle of the motor up to full speed),
I could find a point at which the disc/motor assemble would not vibrate
any more. Obviously the starting point may need to be changed if the
original starting points are not correct, but this way the amount of
counter-mass the disc sees being placed on it varies because you are
using two bolts at a balanced point to begin with. I have found that I
can achieve a good 3000 rpm balance within an hours worth of time.

(Un) Terry

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Subject: Balancing Rotery Disk???

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Out of balance rotary disk.
After making the disk perfectly round and adding the electrodes I still
have a
vibration problem, can you get these disks professionally made or is
there a
handy way to really get them balanced.
Brian W